Mould Investigation & Consulting

Moisture & Mould Investigation

Eronmor provide thorough moisture and mould investigation services including,

  • Identifying the source and extent of the mould,
  • Determining the required Scope of Works to return the property to a pre-mould event condition and
  • Providing Post Remediation Verification for the project.

To fully determine the extent of mould contamination, Eronmor utilizes a range of investigative tools and methods.

This includes borescopes, infrared and digital cameras, moisture meters (penetrating and non penetrating), mould sampling equipment and a range of tools to conduct invasive and destructive sampling.

Depending on the project, Eronmor undertakes various air and surface sampling including culture and non-culture sampling as well as sampling for Environmental Relative Moldiness Index (ERMI) ratings.

All samples taken are sent under Chain of Custody to an independent microbiologist for analysis.  

Eronmor provides easy to understand reports with useful information on the status of the site along with detailed recommendations on what must be done to successfully remediate the affected area/s.

Post Remediation Verification

To ensure that mould remediation projects have been completed successfully, Eronmor provides Post Remediation Verification.

This includes the testing affected materials to ensure normal moisture content has been achieved, the affected areas are clean and  free from visible mould and that mould levels are returned to a pre mould event condition or within normal mould ecology levels.

Post Remediation Verification provides clients with assurity that the mould remediation was conducted successfully in accordance with industry best practice guidelines and standards.

Writing of Scope of Works

Following a thorough site investigation, Eronmor is able to provide a detailed Scope of Works for remediation. Depending on the client’s requirements, the scope of works can either be Prescriptive or Performance based.  

Prescriptive – Includes almost step by step instructions on how the project must be undertaken.

Performance – Provides an overview of what works must be conducted and what guidelines the works must be undertaken to.

Project Consulting

For large or complex projects, Eronmor provides both desktop and onsite Project Consulting to provide technical assistance and help ensure compliance with industry best practice guidelines and standards.