Cigar Storage Consultancy

To maintain the quality and integrity of cigars, they must be stored in favorable conditions ensuring the tobacco does not dry out and loose it oils (and flavor) or get too much moisture allowing mould to grow. Temperature and humidity must be regulated to ensure optimum conditions and quality of the cigars.

Once the cigars leave the factory, they can be subjected to unfavorable conditions during transport, in wholesale storage facilities and even in the retail stores where they are sold to consumers.

Regardless if the cigars are stored in bench top humidors, walk in humidors or large storage facilities, microclimates exist and unless the humidor/cigar storage environment is designed well and properly maintained, the cigars can be adversely affected.

Multiple factors can influence the internal conditions of a large humidor including but not limited to air movement, pressure differentials between humidor and adjacent areas, total biological burden, humidification/dehumidification system, heating and cooling systems, placement of thermal hygrometers and controls, psychometrics, thermal dynamics, enthalpy, etc.

Understanding how all these and other influencing factors can be implemented, controlled and maintained enable us to provide expert advice on how to design the perfect storage environment or make improvement modifications to existing facilities.

This includes advice on construction materials, insulation, climate sensors and controls, mould prevention and monitoring technologies.

Eronmor provide these services internationally.