Heating, Ventilation Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Hygiene

HVAC Hygiene Assessments

Erronmor provides HVAC Hygiene Assessments to determine internal system cleanliness, identify sources of contamination or to develop a scope of works for cleaning.

As the majority of poor indoor air quality is directly related to a building’s mechanical ventilation, it is important to maintain them in a clean state.

With many air-conditioning systems having moisture-producing equipment, microbial contamination is common and can go for many years undetected due to it being out of sight.

Eronmor provides HVAC Hygiene Assessments in accordance with Australian and international best practice guidelines and standards including the AIRAH HVAC Hygiene Best Practice Guidelines and NADCA USA’s Assessment, Cleaning & Restoration of HVAC systems.

  • Pre Commissioning Audits
  • Post Cleaning Verification
  • Periodic Inspections

Kitchen/Cooking Exhaust Systems

Regardless of design, use and operation, the internal surfaces of kitchen exhaust systems will accumulate oil and grease residue.

The accumulation and build up of these contaminates is a fuel for fire.

As such, the systems need to be periodically inspected and cleaned to ensure that the fire risk has been addressed.

With the internal surface of most kitchen exhaust systems being difficult to access, periodic inspections to determine cleanliness can be difficult.

As such, Eronmor provides kitchen exhaust system cleanliness audits inline with Australian and international best practice guidelines and standards.

These services include:

  • Evaluation of adequacy for existing cleaning programs,
  • Post Cleaning Verification,
  • Writing of cleaning and maintenance programs,
  • Kitchen exhaust system fire investigation and consultancy.

AS/NZS 3666.4 – Audits

The AS/NZS 3666.4 Standards outlines a performance-based approach to the maintenance of air-handling systems with respect to the control of microorganisms.

It’s an alternative to the prescriptive requirements of AS/NSZ 3666.2 (Clause 2.3.5) for the maintenance of air-handling systems other than those incorporating water-supplied devices such as humidifies & evaporative coolers.

By following AS/NZS 3666.4 the maintenance will also be in compliance with AS/NSZ 3666.2 (Clause 2.3.5).

Eronmor provides the following services to assist our clients achieve compliance with the standard:

  • Training on how to conduct compliant audits,
  • Onsite assistance with the inspection process,
  • Provision of full Inspection, Assessment and Audit Reporting for compliance.

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