Eronmor specialises in providing investigation and consulting services pertaining to the remediation and restoration of buildings affected by fire, flood, mould and other contamination events.

Our services focus on reducing risks, turnaround times and total costs associated with returning buildings to a pre-loss condition.

With highly experienced Indoor Environmental Professionals that have worked in the health and restoration industry for over 20 years, we are able to provide practical, solutions based consulting services for all remediation and restoration projects as well as other indoor contamination events.

Our ongoing training within the indoor environmental consulting and restoration industry ensures we remain up to date with the latest industry best practice guidelines and standards as well as leading international restoration and remediation practices.

Eronmor provides services for a wide range of industries including Insurance, Property & Facility Management, Government, Maritime, Airports, Legal (Subject Matter Expert), Hotels & Hospitality, Healthacare Facilities, Hospitals, Universities, Shopping Centers, Home Owners, and many more.

Microbial Investigation

Air-Conditioning Hygiene

Indoor Air Quality

Cigar Storage Consulting

Industry Training

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Eronmor provides services in Victoria and mobilises frequently at very short notice for projects nationally and abroad to provide the following services;

Restoration & Remediation Consulting

  • Initial Response (emergency response and make safe requirements for fire, flood and mould)
  • Cause and Extent Investigations
  • Development of Scope of Works for restoration, remediation & decontamination
  • Restoration & Remediation Project Consulting
  • Final “Sign Off” for Clearance or Post Remediation Verification
  • Compliance Reviews (Industry Guidelines & Standards)

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Indoor Air Quality Assessments
  • Continuous Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
  • Odour Investigation
  • Air-conditioning Hygiene Assessments
  • Mould Prevention Consulting
  • Biohazard Decontamination Consulting
  • Indoor Pollutant Identification & Rectification Consulting

We use the latest and most advanced methods and technology to provide detailed evaluations of indoor environments helping to ensure the comprehensiveness of our services so that our clients have peace of mind that properties are fit for purpose.